Game Stats reset, GTV on Quake3 Match port, other news

By K2 on April 1st, 2001 at 1:46 am EST

No April Fool’s jokes today folks… just too much going on to think of anything good to get ya with :-)

I’ve had a few of ya that frequent the Hardfought CounterStrike port request that the game stats be reset. Normally I don’t do that… but after thinking about it (and seeing how large the database had grown) I figured maybe resetting stats wasn’t such a bad idea after all :-P So, here’s what we’re gonna do. I’ll reset stats on both the CounterStrike public and match ports at the start of every month, and create a ‘Hardfought CounterStrike Player Hall of Fame’ for each month, so everyone can see who had most kills, or who played the most, etc. I’ll create the ‘Hall of Fame’ under the ‘Game Statistics’ link found to the left. You’ll see this newspost before you see it, but I should have it up shortly. Here’s a tidbit for ya while you’re waiting… between the last time stats were reset (February 12th) and now, the total amount of time played on the server from everyone combined equaled over 638 days… that’s almost two years worth of total playing time squeezed into 6 weeks… heh :-)

Something new I’ve added to the Hardfought CTF/DM/TDM Match port… GTV, or Gamers TV, which is a spin-off from QTV. The way it works is this… one person starts up a GTV client, and has that client log into the server as a spectator. Whatever IP address and port is assigned to that GTV client, other users can log into it just like they were logging into a normal Quake3 server. Once they’re logged into GTV, they can watch the game being played. The catch is that you can have as many as 75 separate individuals logged into that GTV client at the same time, watching the game on the server and talking with each other, but to the players on the server, all they see is one spectator named GTV. You can also daisy-chain different instances of GTV, so technically you can have as many number of spectators as ya like so long as you have enough bandwidth available. There are other neat features with GTV as well, like autocam (GTV will track whoever has high score for you), chatting with spectators actually on the server, and other various admin and camera operator functions. Also… I have it set to where GTV stays logged into the match port all day, every day ;-) So, if you have a match there, and you have a lot of people wanting to watch ya play, now you can, at anytime. To access the Hardfought GTV client, start up Quake3 as normal, drop down the console and connect to ( If you have need of being able to control the camera with GTV, just e-mail me, I’ll send you the camera control password.

Other news… Nexus had a couple Classic CTF scrims last Thursday with a new CCTF clan known as delusional Reality. We won both maps played… I’ll have demo’s and screenshots up in their usual places after this newspost is done. Good games dR, was fun… hope to play ya again soon.

I spoke with [44]minotaur the other day… he asked me to put up two new CTF maps on the Hardfought CTF/DM/TDM Match port for use with the Cyberathlete Amateur League’s q3ctf tourney. These two maps were just recently released from the threewave team… they’re part of an upcoming freelance mapper compilation map pack, if I understand it correctly. The names of the maps are Shining Forces (crewctf) and Cold Crossings (ssctf). Both maps look sharp… especially Shining Forces. Also… cm`biohazard requested that a new 1vs1 tourney map be added to the same port… it’s called Vertigo (saiko_tourney1)… it’s a lot like q3tourney4 but larger and with four levels instead of three. Plays pretty nice… lots of places to ambush someone at :-P All of these maps can be found in our ‘Files’ section for download… so go get ’em.

Personal stuff – I was officially laid off this past Friday, but a big job interview I had the day before went very well… hope to hear some good news on that early this coming week. The transmission that decided to fall outta my truck last week has been repaired at *no charge* to me whatsoever… whew! Thank god for warranties, eh? And… me and HaDeS will be moving to a new apartment this week… which means the webserver gets moved as well. I’ll update everyone with what the new site IP will be in case there’s a long delay in updating the domain DNS records.

G’nite peeps… see ya soon.