CPL news!

By K2 on July 7th, 2005 at 12:14 pm EST

Well, I’m sitting here on the main floor at the CPL summer 2005 event. Finally got internet access back, so taking advantage while I can. This year’s event is pretty damn impressive… been awhile since I’ve been to one of these, and the entire setup, from the BYOC area to all of the booths and displays, is awesome. I already have a lot of pics taken and will take more as time permits.

Hardfought (Alpha squad) plays stfu (formerly known as ghq) in just under an hour from now for their first match (map is de_dust2). The first round is single-elimination, and then goes to dbl-elimination from there on out. We’ve been seeded #29 out of 64… not too bad ;-) The winner of our match goes on to play #4 seeded team ‘Forbidden’ – Hardfought should be facing them later on today. If you want to see the seedings and brackets as they happen, check out this site – http://brackets.thecpl.com/?showbracket=48 – it’s updated regularly as mathes progress.

I’ll chime in with more news as it happens, assuming our internet connection stays up. Wish us luck, talk to ya soon.