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First report from Iraq

By K2 on February 11th, 2004 at 8:55 pm EST

Well… I made it to my permenant ‘residence’ here in Iraq. Our convoy took the better part of five days to reach our destination – Camp McHenry, which is a FOB (forward observation base) from which we launch various patrols and raids, and also do community service for a few of the local villages near here. We’re not in Kirkuk, but we’re not too far from it. I can’t tell ya where ‘here’ is exactly for security reasons… but it’s safe to say we’re pretty much right in the middle of the Sunni Triangle.

The ride up was somewhat eventful. Had a lot of break-downs along the way, in which I helped pull security for a few of them. We had to ‘disbale’ a few civilian vehicles along the way that tried to harass our convoy… also had a couple IED attacks (not my particular serial, but one that was ahead of us) but they were minor, no deaths/minor injuries. Everyone made it in one piece basically. I did get some pics of what we thought was a mortar attack on our convoy position during our last leg… turned out to be friendly test-fire from artiliary nearby. Like 500 meters near our location. Heh ;-)

Since being here… gah. The weather here SUCKS… right now it’s barely above freezing and it’s rained for two friggin’ days straight… big giant mud hole we’re living in right now. Can’t wait for those 130+ degree days eh? We’ve had a few injuries since being here, a couple of them serious. Luckily that’s been it so far. Our platoon leader has been made acting mayor of a local village nearby, which we’ll travel to once a week to do community service projects. Already been there once, locals fed us while our higher-ups were in a meeting. Most of the people here are nice… or at least appear to be. Jury is still out on that one.

I’ll go into more detail in the message thread that will coorespond with this post… lots and lots of stuff to tell, and I got a lot of pics too, just no way to upload them right now.

Gotta run… take care gang, talk to ya soon.

On to Iraq…

By K2 on January 20th, 2004 at 4:24 pm EST

Hi gang. This will be my last news post for several weeks at least. My unit will start heading to Iraq starting tomorrow morning at 6am Hawai’i time. Lookin’ at a 30+ hour flight… from here to Los Angles, to New York, to Scotland, to Germany and then finally to Kuwait. We’ll stay there for 2-3 weeks before the big push up into Iraq. Final destination is Kirkuk, which is about 200 miles or so north of Baghdad… prolly take our convoy about 3-4 days to make the drive. Oh joy ;-)

Anyways… wanted to take the small amount of time I had left to make a quick post and to say to everybody so long and that I’ll be back in a years time. I should be able to read/post messages and upload pictures every so often, the base at Kirkuk has a small internet cafe I think. If you want to write to me or send stuff in the way of a care package, you can – I’ll be posting my APO address in the message thread pertaining to this news post.

That’s all I have folks. Take care, hopefully I’ll ‘see’ ya again soon.


Happy New Year!!

By K2 on January 1st, 2004 at 5:16 pm EST

Happy New year’s gang! Hope everyone was able to have fun while being safe at the same time. I dragged my sorry ass in this morning at around ooh… 8am or so ;-P Luckily I missed all the road blocks the local police around here had set up. Dontcha hate it when they do that? There’s such an easy solution to keeping drunk drivers off the roads if state legistlators would just pull their heads out and implement it… but that’s a discussion for a later time :-)

Soooo… I suppose you could say 2003 was a pretty eventful year, at least on a global scale. Lots of ups and downs. It was a busy year for me as well on a personal level. Definitely not boring ;-) I hope your past year was full of experiences as well.

However… I think I would be just fine with 2004 being just a lil bit more low key. Doubt that’s gonna happen tho. We’ll see what happens.

To wrap up – the game server shoulda been down by now, dunno why it’s still up. I hope I don’t get billed for something that was not supposed to be in use. But hey, that means you all get an extra day of some Hardfought Halo goodness, right? Yup, the glass is half full…

Have a good weekend folks, and here’s to 2004. See ya soon.


Merry Christmas!!

By K2 on December 25th, 2003 at 12:19 pm EST

Woooo it’s Christmas! So what did Santa get for you this year? I got coal… again ;-P But that’s ok, I like being bad…

Hope everyone is having a fun and safe holiday season this year. I’m currently on leave and am at my folks house in Oklahoma… it’s real nice to see family again, and some old friends I haven’t seen in years. EatMorelead recently posted his infamous reindeer picture that he had once posted a couple years ago, ya can’t miss it. It pretty much sums up what Christmas is all about… scaring lil children into submission. No wait, that’s Halloween. Hrm…

Just a quick note before I sign off here and dive in to our family holiday feast – January 1st the game server is coming down :-( Halo just never panned out into what it could/should have been (and it doesn’t look like any improvements will be forthcoming anytime soon, either), and I can’t justify spending the money I have been dishing out to keep it going, especially since I’ll be half way around the world in less than a month for God knows how long. So… new years eve is the last day you’ll be able to play Hardfought Halo online.

However… because I’ll be able to get online and check emails from time to time over in Iraq, I can keep abreast of new titles coming out, like Doom 3/Half-Life 2. There’s nothing stopping me from going online one day and noticing that HL2/CS2 is about to be released, hop back over to and order another server online and make one of the HF regs the contact person of said server so they can get things setup. No promises on that gang, but it’s definitely a possibility.

Alright… I’m outta here ;-) Again, Merry X-mas all, see ya online.


Yay, I posted news!

By K2 on December 13th, 2003 at 5:24 pm EST

Yeah that’s me runnin’ around, yelling ‘Yay, I posted news, I posted news!!’… aherm 8-)

Alright, let’s see what I got for ya today… the long-awaited 1.03 patch for Halo: Combat Evolved was release just a couple days ago. This patch fixes a few bugs, adds TK-handling, allows for longer server names, supposedly better network code… that’s about it. The new sv_tk cvars do not work in the init.txt file however, and ban lists are now all screwed up, it’s a major pain in the ASS to get haloded.exe to write to them. Any ban list ya had before is basically null and void.

I have *never* seen a dedicated game port developed this way, with components of said dedicated server being strewn all about the operating system. I am betting we can blame Microsoft for that one… and I’m not sure who to point the finger at for the lack of instructions on what do to with the new cvars and how to use them (and the readme I did find was incomplete as well as incorrect… and this was an official document). I just don’t understand why Gearbox/Microsoft are making it so difficult. And don’t even get me started on the complete lack of features still missing… like ‘standard fare for an FPS kinda things’ missing :-/

Almost makes me wanna drop Halo altogether, the lack of support and quality of support is disturbing. Was expecting a lot of good things to come about in this latest patch and it fell short in a big way. No worries tho gang, I’ll keep the server up in the hopes that HL2/CS2 makes a debut here for 2004. Halo will stay up too for the time being. Just needed to vent… I hate running products that are not quite up to par.

Oh hey check this out… heh ;-) I started my own IRC server! Yeah! You can now use your favorite IRC client and connect to (default port) and join #hardfought. I am using the latest version of BewareIRCd as the backend (it closely emulates the IRCd uses) and a windows-compiled version of srvx, which is the services package gamesnet uses as well (chanserv, nickserv, etc). So if ya want, hop on in and check it out. It’s nothing major mind you… just wanted to see if I could do it. I am going to keep it up however, as CPU/network/memory usage is almost nil.

To wrap up… boy am I tired :-P Just finsihed a very long week, been loading up all of our gear and humvee’s to ship off to Iraq. It should all get there a few days before we do… hopefully. I’ll have some more details about where we’re going and maybe even a mailing address in a future news post soon.

Ok… laundry time ;-) Take care gang, see ya soon.