By K2 on October 26th, 2000 at 10:38 pm EST

Sorry for the slight downtime. I’m running the webserver from my apartment, and unfortunately my DSL’s upload is very limited… that equates to this – whenever the MRTG scripts run every 5 minutes to pull the SNMP data from the game server it uses as much bandwidth that’s available for about a 10 second stretch… every five minutes.


Sooo… my girlfriend had 2 forty minutes matches to play, so to not lag her out I unplugged the network cable from the webserver, to make absolutely sure. It’s definitely the MRTG scripts :-( I’ve also tightened the bandwidth throttle on the WWW service to 10K/sec… should be sufficient since I don’t have a lot of big graphics or anything on the site. Nothin’ I can do about MRTG hogging bandwidth tho… gonna call my co-locate facility tomorrow and see if I can move the webserver up there… if not I may have to either do away with the network monitor or just set it to run like once a day.

OK back to work on the WFA port…