Babbages CPL weekend update

By K2 on December 15th, 2000 at 11:44 pm EST

No we haven’t forgotten about everyone out there… it’s just been a busy week :-P HaDeS and I have been attending the Babbages CPL Quake3 tournament here in Dallas, TX since early Thursday… we decided to come home early tonight and recharge, so I figured I’d do a quickie news update.

First off… we were ready to go for that rescheduled RA3 match with Damage, Inc but they only had two people available at game time… :-/ So we have yet another forfeit win on that ladder… b0ba placed another challenge for the team, so hopefully we’re up far enough to where the teams actually play on a regular basis.

Masters of Destruction have challenged us on the OGL CCTF ladder… this will be our first attempt to defend our #1 status. Official time is set for next week on Dec. 20th, but there may be possibility of a reschedule… dunno yet.

I now have help watching and actively running the Hardfought CounterStrike port. I’ll reveal the name of our mysterious benefactor soon… I just don’t have time right now to do a proper introduction. Suffice to say he’s been a big help with the server config’s and getting traffic on that port. More soon, I promise.

ID has released their official point release, version 1.27g… like ya didn’t know by now :-P There’s plenty of mirrors available to download the approx. 18 meg file… I know for a fact some of the links to left have the links listed. Also… Team Arena has hit the shelves in some areas today… I’ll be upgrading the server soon… probably leave the demo port up for a just a bit as well until most of you have made the transition. A new version of RA3 has also been released that incorporates the new point release… I’ll be upgrading that port very soon as well.

On the Babbages CPL tourney… HaDeS made the top 8 in the all-female DM 1vs1 competition… she plays one more match tomorrow to see if she’s ranked number 7 or 8… in other words, to see if she gets to come home with a check for $100 or $200 bucks :-) We’ve been taking a TON of pictures… I’d upload them from the event but their network is so shitty I can’t get a decent remote connect to the web server from there :-/ Guess you’ll have to wait for a couple days for pics.

Anyways… time to catch some sleep. See ya soon.