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Hardfought Got ‘R Did

By K2 on March 14th, 2006 at 9:49 am EST

Hardfought squared of versus Git ‘R Done on de_contra in a must win situation while HF tries to secure a playoff spot. Things started out shaky for HF, after dropping the first 4 rounds, HF bounced back and but still lost the half 7-8. HF Predator dropped nearly 20 to lead the way for HF on terrorist side.

“At one point first half I was a little down, and it’s hard to call strats when your losing multiple rounds in a row. Anyway I tried to mix it up a bit more and everyone started hitting some shots and we really kept our chin up and went on a nice run coming back to win the half.” commented Shade after the match.

He continued to say “Then CT same shit, we lost those first couple rounds and were down a few rounds and I remember telling [the] guys “If you want to win this match we have to win this round”, and I think we went on to win that round and really fall into a groove and everyone was kicking some ass. Some awesome plays where we were all screaming on the MIC in JOY. [It] was fun to be a part of.”

On CT HF again lost the pistol round and for the second straight match dropped both pistol rounds. Fortunately HF was able to win one of the following save rounds and keep things close. The CT half was extremely intense with round after round coming down to 1 on 1’s or 1 on 2’s. Clutch plays throughout the half from all HF members enabled HF to hold on to the lead and take home the victory.

Unfortunately Hardfought’s next opponent has been marked inactive. Since they already have a forfeit win this season they must make up either de_dust2 or de_contra or they’ll be unable to make the playoffs.

HF > Get ‘R Done 17-13.

Starters : Shade, Predator, bl0wn, DoubleDown, FFWMayo

MVP: Burzum for sitting out so Mayo could dominate.

Winning streak comes to an end

By K2 on March 10th, 2006 at 8:08 am EST

Hardfought faced off against MGU Inc last night in a very close fight for the playoffs. had Hardfought beating MGU 23-7, but reality was more astringent.

Hardfought got off to a rough start as CT, losing the pistol round and the two rounds that followed. They finally got things turned around after their first full buy and soon caught up to MGU to tie the game 4-4. MGU tried everything but Hardfought was able to secure a healthy lead of 9-6 by the end of the first half.

Just like last match it was critical for HF to win their pistol round as Terrorists, but MGU shut them down. Again MGU took the following rounds while HF held on and soon found themselves tied 11-11. With a few more great HF rounds and a few MGU mistakes the score was tied 13-13. Hardfought hit hard but just couldn’t do it and was forced to saved at 13-14. Eventually MGU secured their victory and joined the ranks of 6-2 teams.

“Our guys played hard and we did our best. That’s what matters. We’ve still got a great shot at the playoffs and we’ll be facing 6-2 teams next week instead of 7-1s. I know we’re better than this and with some hard practice we’ll take our next two victories and secure a spot in the playoffs.” Burzum said, in a Lord of the Rings style schizophrenic episode.

Week 7:2 starters: Sandbox, Predator, Bl0wn, FFW Mayo and Doubledown.

Mayo & Predator for two great halves.

Final Score: MGU Inc. over Hardfought 17-13

gg MGU

Hardfought’s 4 Game Winning Streak

By K2 on March 7th, 2006 at 7:57 am EST

Last night marked the fourth success in Hardfought Clan’s winning streak, played on de_inferno. From Marshfield (#fmclan) took the lead early winning the CT pistol round and forcing Hardfought to recognize that this would be no walk in the park.

With FMs clever strats Hardfought | Bl0wn found himself 1v3 multiple times at A but still managed to slow down if not shutdown the opposition. With their opponents in the lead, HF stepped it up. Hardfought | Predator scored an ace with his awp and both teams found them selves tied, 6-6 and then 7-7 near the end of the first half. Finally HF pulled ahead to close 8-7.

Going into the second round it was imperative that HF win pistol round, and that’s just what they did. FM found themselves fighting for every round. They got multiple bomb plants and turned 4 of them into wins. Hardfought | Sandbox ended up 1-on-many with bomb planted twice in the last two rounds but managed turn it around and secure the win for Hardfought.

Game 7:2 will be played Thursday night against MGU, Inc. You might recognize a few familiar faces including our own Oreo` and former HF Clan member AbaZabba. Be sure to checkout #hardfought for Scorebot and SourceTV information on Thursday.

Week 7:1 starters: Sandbox, Predator, Bl0wn, FFW Mayo and Doubledown.

Bl0wn for his hard-hitting defense of bomb site A
Sandbox for his clutches for the second week in a row.

Final Score: Hardfought over From Marshfield 19-11

Very gg From Marshfield

Server down… ?

By K2 on March 2nd, 2006 at 6:33 pm EST

Yeah… did anybody notice? Pyrox did, that’s about it. Gave it one month to try and bring things back to the way they were, but it became pretty clear that our lil community here has moved on to other servers that already have a game in progress rather than trying to get a game started/sustain a game here. Understandable I suppose… can’t play on an empty server yeah? To those of ya that DID try to get things goin’ again, thank you very much. Too bad you all were on a short list. Too short a list for me to ask the benefactors to waste their money on monthly server fees anymore. Oh well.

Hardfought clan received advance notice of our server going down, so Burzum was able to lease a match server from the guys that run the NFO game-server cluster out of Dallas, TX.

That’s it. I’ll post news again concerning HF LAN #7… assuming anyone is interested ;-)