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HF LAN #6 CS:S Tournament nearing completion

By K2 on July 2nd, 2005 at 6:58 pm EST

We’re nearing the final four teams for the Hardfought LAN #6 CS:S tournament gang… In the winners bracket finals we have PowersGaming vs. VisualGaming. For the losers bracket finals, it’s down to just a handful of teams… TAU and MinuteMen are about to play to see who makes the finals for their bracket, while Devistation and TEC are playing now for the same (the winner of which will go against Twirling to decide who gets the other finals spot in their bracket). My prediction for the losers bracket finals game – TEC vs. TAU – who will win is anyone’s guess, both teams have been playing very well overall.

We’ll be doing a scorebot of the final four teams games in our own IRC channel, #hardfought, on When we’re going to hold these final games is unclear at this time… some teams want to finish everything tonight while others want to be able to rest and come in fresh the next morning. As soon as I find out, I’ll post here the exact times, maps to be played, etc.

Below is a thumbnail pic of the excel spreadsheet we’ve been using to track all of the teams as they progressed throughout the tournament. Just click on it to get the full-sized picture. The initial seedings to the losers bracket is a bit screwed up – ignore that. It all works out, it just doesnt look like that initially ;-) Enjoy folks, I’ll be posting again soon.

HF lan #6 winners/losers brackets

HF LAN #6 Tournament details

By K2 on July 2nd, 2005 at 2:50 pm EST

The Hardfought LAN #6 kicked off about an hour and a half ago… the power issues from yesterday are gone (installed six 30-amp circuit breakers, w0oT!!) and things have been going smoothly for the most part (half of VisualGaming’s team wound up at the wrong airport, but hey we found ’em, heh).

Below are the initial brackets for the tournament with the most current results. Fourteen teams, seeded randomly (literally drew names from a hat). CAL match rules, CPL settings enforced (cl_interpolate 1, etc), first map played was de_dust2. Double elimination, with first round going to a losers bracket.

    Mug N’ Mouse vs. Visual Gaming (game still in progress)
    TEC vs. Devistation (TEC wins)
    Hardfought (Alpha squad) vs. HFC #2 (Hardfought wins)
    TAU vs. Comrade (TAU wins)
    ImpulseGaming vs. Team Upper (Upper wins)
    MinuteMen vs. PowersGaming (PowersGaming wins)
    HFC vs. Twirling (Twirling wins)

The next map in the winners bracket will be de_cbble, as is the first map in the losers bracket. I’ll record scores for each team as we near the final teams in the winners bracket. That’s all for now gang, more to follow.

Hardfought LAN #6 update

By K2 on July 2nd, 2005 at 6:01 am EST

Hi all. Been having a great time here in Dallas at HF LAN #6… 73 of the 100 people that signed up have shown up already and we’ve all played quite a few rounds of CS:S and some BF2 as well. The tournament is set to kick off here in just a few hours, figured I’d let all of ya know how things have been progressing so far.

Setup – as with all things, nothing *ever* goes according to plan or as smooth as you’d like them to go. We had an issue with not having enough tables starting out, but we got that pretty much resolved. Then we started to discover that the circuit breakers here weren’t really up to the task of trying to handle the load of so many computers running at once… we’re actually gonna upgrade those here before the tourney starts to ensure no one trips any more breakers.

Servers – between me and Jason from Powersgaming, we’ve got more than enough CS:S servers to go around and then some, for both pub lan play and for the tourney. I’m also in the process of finishing up a new 2U rackmount server build, just need to grab a PS and some registered ram modules and we’ll have some dual AMD Opteron 246 goodness to throw into the mix ;-)

Overall – it’s been stressful, but fun at the same time. Just wanna make a shout out to everyone here who’s helped me out so far, I am too tired at the moment to remember all of the names, but without their help, nothing would have gone as smooth as it has. I’ll get around to giving recognition where it’s due later on after I get some sleep.

Be sure to check back here often folks – I will be doing news coverage of the tourney as it happens, and we may even do a live scorebot feed in our IRC channel of the final tounrey matches. Pictures will be uploaded as well ;-) All I have for now folks, talk to ya again soon.