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Happy New Years

By K2 on January 1st, 2005 at 6:13 am EST

Another year has come and gone, and today many of you will celebrate the coming of a new year. So Happy New Years to everyone. Here’s hoping that 2005 is a good one.

Lot’s of stuff to post about today. First off, I wanna make a correction to an earlier post regarding the explosion that happened at the DFAC up in Mosul, Iraq. I’m sure all of ya have heard by now, but it wasn’t a mortar round that hit the facility up there, but was a suicide bomber instead. At least one terrorist group has claimed responsibility for it. TXA has already chimed in to let us know he and his brother are all right, and we’re very thankful for that.

Things here in my neck o’ the woods in Iraq are still going relatively slow. Our replacement unit, the 1-163rd, is taking over more of our duties and responsibilities every day; eventually we should just be on a kind of permanent stand-by, but for now our patrols are still rolling out along with theirs. Remember those new pictures I mentioned? I have been sorting through them as time allows, so expect to see some new content to view here soon. Gonna be another large update, figuring on at least 100 new pics if not more.

Game server stuff – oh where do I begin :-P First off, we now have a few custom maps in rotation on Hardfought III, those being de_inferno, cs_mansion, and css_assault_tank. WE had cs_docks_djfinal up as well, but most people didn’t seem to like that map, so I replaced it with de_piranesi instead. HTTP fast-downloading is enabled on the server, and you can also download these maps from our ‘Files’ section to the left if you’d rather install them manually. We’re still lookin’ for some *quality* custom maps to add to the map rotation however, so if ya have any suggestions, let us know on the msgboard. Same goes for custom deathmap maps for the HL2DM server.

A very new addition to Hardfought III is a HL2 server plugin written by Mani (he’s affiliated with – a UK-based CS: Source clan), and it has a lot of features that both players and admins have been waiting for, such as TK/TW handling, map voting, and other useful functions. Seems the test run on HF3 went pretty well, so I’ll be installing this script on HF 1 and 2 very soon. I know you guys and gals that play CS: Source here have been having to put up with TK’ers when admins arent around, and it’s been a pain for you, and for us trying to keep up with ’em all. This plugin should put most if not all of those types who like to ruin the game in check. Be sure to check the msgboard here for more details on this plugin, and what commands you as the player will have at your disposal.

Last order of business… Hardfought is going to sponsor it’s own official CS: Source clan for competetive play in both the Caleague and the CPL. Been a long time since I’ve hosted a clan here, and even then it wasn’t officially ‘Hardfought’, so in a way this is a first. Not gonna go into any long drawn-out details here, but there will be a msgboard post about this very soon after this news post, so be sure to check it out.

Alright gang, that’s all I have for now. Happy New Years to everyone, and I hope you’re having a safe and enjoyable holiday. See ya round ;-)