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Memorial Day

By K2 on May 31st, 2004 at 2:31 pm EST

Hello again gang. I hope everyone is enjoying their three-day weekend in celebration of Memorial Day. Myself, I’ve been stuck in Balad, Iraq for the past three days and just now made it to Udari, Kuwait a few hours ago. Gonna be here for the next couple of weeks training with a few other select soldiers from 25th ID as well as some from 1st ID on what the army calls a ‘UAV’. What the hell is a UAV ya might ask? I’ll go into a lot more detail on that later on. But for now…

Please take just a moment to pause and reflect why you’re celebrating this three-day weekend and what it stands for. The sacrifices made by countless American soldiers, past and present, living and deceased, are what makes the good ol’ US of A the best damn country in the world and it’s what sets us apart and above from everyone else. So… given that, enjoy yourselves, have a great holiday, and be thankful.

Gotta run folks. I’ll chime in again when I’m able, probably soon.


More pics, new voting poll, other stuff

By K2 on May 18th, 2004 at 6:56 pm EST

Hi there gang. Got a lil bit of spare time again, so I figured what the hell, let’s do another news post.

First off – I’ve uploaded about fifty some-odd new pictures again taken from Iraq. Some of these are recent; others are pictures I grabbed from some of my platoon-mates as well as some other ‘Joes’ from around the FOB. Hope you enjoy the new batch. It’s come to my attention that a significant amount of friends and family from my platoon and others have found out about the pictures I’ve been posting and have been enjoying them quite a bit. Hell, I even got a care package from one of my squad-mates wife today, saying thank you (Mrs. Ramsey, if ya happen to read this… you’re welcome ;-) ). Seems my lil photo album is helping fill a niche of sorts… it’s letting our friends and loved ones see their soldiers and how they’re doing and letting them see some of things we do and experience out here. I guess it’s making more of an impression than I ever thought it would, and in a good way. So, given that… I’ll try to post more pictures, more often (as time allows), and try to get several pics of everyone that I can. Oh yeah, an FYI to all of the friends/family out there viewing and reading – you know you can right-click on whatever full-sized picture you’re looking at, save it to your computers hard drive, copy that to a CD or floppy disc, and then take it to a Walmart or a Kodiak photo shop and make prints. Ya knew that, right? ;-) Well, just in case you didn’t know… there’s your how-to.

I have changed the voting poll once again, this time to something more worthwhile than ‘um… wtf?’ :-P This one’s a serious poll I’m afraid… who are you going to vote for during the 2004 election? Or are you at all? Seems to be a rather important election this time around, considering that whoever makes it to (or stays) in office will have a significant affect on how long we keep and what type of military presence here in Iraq and other places. Since we’ve already got a couple nice little friendly debates/discussions about just that on my msgboard forum here (hah… gonna have to read ‘em for yourself), I might as well add that kind of voting poll. Seems appropriate. And no worries, your vote will remain anonymous; no one will know your choice except for you.

Other stuff – nice tidbit of info I got from one of the medics here whose wife works for Sony and was able to go to this years E3 expo… Bioware is working on a new RPG title, entitled ‘Dragon Age’. While they can’t come right out and say that it’s basically Neverwinter Nights II due to intellectual property rights (it’s a lil complicated from what I gather), for all intents and purposes, it is NWN II. And the few screenshots of the demo I was able to find look incredible. You can read more about it on the official Bioware site ( or at the NWVault ( Don’t expect this game to be out for at least another couple years minimum. But so far, it’s looking to be well worth the wait.

That’s all I have for today. Gonna go catch a couple more hours of sleep before we roll out yet again. See ya later folks.


Interesting read, and a codefix

By K2 on May 9th, 2004 at 9:18 pm EST

Yeah I know, two news posts with a day’s timespan. I guess miracles do happen ;-)

Got some stuff to put out that really shouldn’t wait, they are that worthy of being on the front page. And I also just happen to have the time. Another rare event. Anyways… first off, I found a codefix for that annoying ‘php_sessions is full’ bug that would crop up from time to time. When that table was created, the row size was set too low, and over time as more people visit certain aspects of my site, like the photo album (which is getting a lot more useage of late) that table would reach capacity and cause anything phpBB-related to quit working until that table was flushed out. I just added some code to flush that table automatically, and if it’s unable to do so, it dynamically increase the table’s row size. Neat, eh? :-P Hope it works, cuz I don’t have the time to always come back here and fix things like before. Oh yeah… Kelly, if you’re reading this, heheh – ‘computer geeks’ rejoice ;-)

OK, the ‘interesting read’ part. Get this… my Dad sent me this rather large email about this one individuals view on why exactly we happen to be here in Iraq and abroad doing what we’re (we being the US armed forces) doing and for what reasons and so forth. It’s also somewhat of a history lesson… once you wade thru that, you start to get to the meat of it all. It took me awhile to decide whether I was going to support this lil diatribe or verbally shred it. I’m thinking the latter ;-) Here’s an example as to why… this is a small quote from that email – ‘Failing this, they also laid plans to build a political campaign inside the country, with the War in Iraq as a plebiscite, using a little known politician as the thrust point–Howard Dean’

Um… yeah. Just what the fuck is that crap all about? You’re gonna have to read the entire message to see what I am getting at, but basically it’s this – we got a guy here who 1) thinks he knows the ‘big picture’ and 2) thinks he knows exactly what will happen if we go down this path or that path and 3) somehow thinks that some key Democrats are conciously helping the leaders of this so-called ‘Wahhabiism’ that’s taking place. I’m just wondering what this author’s creditials are, if any, and how he fucking knows so much about what’s going on over here and why things are happening the way they are.

If ya couldn’t guess already (hah) my take is that the author is full of shit on a lot of points… almost to the point of being paranoid. I invite all of you to read it (it’s posted on the messageboard under the ‘news postings’ link for those of ya not in the know) and make your own conclusions and comments.

That’s all I got for now I suppose. Ah, before I forget – I heard that pretty much all of the wives/girlfreinds of the soldiers from my platoon have ‘discovered’ the photo album here, so if ya happen to fall under that category – welcome! Spread the word to friends and family, so they can see what their loved ones are up to… heh ;-P If ya got any picture requests, lemme know and I’ll see what I can do.

See ya gang.


Happy Mother’s Day… early

By K2 on May 8th, 2004 at 9:01 pm EST

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there who just happens to be a mom. Hope my mom and sister get a chance to read this ;-) It’s not quite Mom’s Day back in the states, but it’s already six hours into it here, so I figure what the hell, better post now before I forget or lose the time to do so.

The last month or so has been interesting to say the least our here in Iraq. The 1-27 Wolfhounds made it through the bloodiest month since OIF started without a casualty. Talk about luck :-) Wish I could say the same for other units out and about. We’ve certainly had our moments out here, and continue to do so, but we still don’t have it as bad as say the troops down in Fallujah. Keep those fighting men and women in your prayers, they’re definitely in the shit.

So… things have calmed down somewhat for us here in just the last few days. Started taking incoming again though, but this person or persons isn’t much better at aiming than our first ‘mad mortarman’. Convoy I was in last week was also subject to a grenade attack, luckily no one from our group was injured, although a nearby kid took some shrapnel to the arm. Patched him up and sent him off on his way. Anyways, we’ll see how long this little dry spell lasts ;-P There’s always something crazy waiting around the corner…

I just uploaded some new pictures. Nothing too exciting, just wanted to offload these before I accumilated too many to do in one sitting. Still have some older pics that some of the other soldiers around here have taken, want to get those uploaded sometime soon. Anyways – enjoy the new batch.

Seems there’s quite a bit of new stuff coming out this summer for the PC hardware enthusiast. New video cards from both nVidia and ATI, some new goodies on the way from AMD coming soon, and Intel ditching their 4th generation Pentium 4. Looks like the new computer I’m gonna build when I get back home next year is seriously going to put my current one to shame. Can’t wait. I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of other new products and software, but that’s all I got from the quick glance I had.

Gotta run gang. Give your mom and/or sister/aunt/cousin/wife with kids a hug. Now ;-) Until next time…