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April news

By K2 on April 13th, 2004 at 1:41 pm EST

Hey gang… time to do the ‘at least one news post a month’ post ;-)

On Iraq – things had been pretty quiet up until last week. If ya follow the news at all, ya know what I’m talking about. The main focus was on Falluja of course, where fighting was the most intense and deadly. We had our fair share of it here, too. My platoon took another IED attack a lil over a week ago, was a direct hit against the command vehicle in our convoy. Fate smiled on us yet again, and no one was killed or even seriously hurt… and I’ve got some pics of the aftermath that will make you think I’m bullshitting you. A few days after that was when shit hit the proverbial fan not just here and Falluja but all over the country. A ‘peaceful’ demonstration in Al-Haweja turned into a full-blown riot that spilled over into surrounding villages and lasted the better part of two days. A lot of battles and skirmishes occured, with almost our entire battalion being involved… by some miracle no friendlies were killed, but we did have eight wounded, with two of them being serious. The Iraqi’s and other nationalists involved took enough casualties, hopefully they wont try anything like that again for awhile. We rolled up into Al-Zaab the day after the main fighting ended expecting an ambush, but it really never occured, except for little hit and misses here and there. Easter weekend was surprisingly quiet… and today intel got word riots were going to happen all over again today in Haweja, so we mobilized early this morning but nothing happened at all. Just as well ;-)

Got my new camera in, and I’ve taken some pretty good pictures with it, so expect to see them uploaded to the site here soon along with some other pictures taken by other soldiers here.

There’s a lot more that went on this past week, there’s just no way I’d have the time to type it all out here. Saw and did some crazy shit, gonna have a lot of stories for everyone next LAN party we have that I can actually attend :-P That might happen this year maybe… we’re all supposed to get 15 days R&R between now and October. Because I’m single without any dependants, I’m low priority, so I’m looking at a September/October leave time, IF it happens at all. If it does, I’d sure like to have another HF LAN to go to. I dunno… we’ll see. Something to think about/discuss on the msgboard here.

To wrap up – I guess that’s about it. I don’t know about any new gaming news since the last time I’ve posted… no time to really follow up on anything. You regs will have to help keep me updated, heh. Oh yeah… I saw ‘The Passion of Christ’ the other day (bootleg DVD, sssshhh) and I gotta say… damn. very intense. If you’re a Christian, expect to be deeply moved by it. Hell, even if you’re not. Anyone that sees that movie and says they didn’t feel sad or feel like crying through part of it is either full of shit or one cold-hearted bastard. Go see this movie, you wont regret it.

One last thing… if the makers of CounterStrike had EVER actually been in any kind of combat, CS as you know it would play/feel completely different from how it is now. And their claim was that it was to be realistic… hah. They don’t have a flippin’ clue ;-) I don’t think any of the FPS games out there truly emulate the real thing as close as some of them claim to do. Ah well. Alright folks… have a good one, see ya around.