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I’m back…

By K2 on June 29th, 2001 at 5:29 pm EST

Yes!!! Finally back from the business trip from hell! :-) No details on that – it’d take too long to type it all out plus I don’t think you’d wanna read about it. Anyways…

The Hardfought CS Invitational Tournament is starting to wind down somewhat. 3dL and S-Audiks will face off for the Winner’s Bracket Championship title this Sunday night at 10:30pm CST. That one should be a very interesting match indeed. We also have TsK and HFC that need to get their match played and done with… may hold that one off until next weekend. More news on the tournament as it happens, so be sure to check back soon.

The CPL 4-year anniversary gaming event is being held this weekend right here in Dallas, and it’s already well under way. HaDeS and I will be heading there later this evening to see how things are and to try and meet some of ya. If you’re a Hardfought regular and you’re at the CPL event this weekend and are reading this – try and find us if we don’t find you first. We’re bringing a digital camera and we’re gonna try and get as many pictures of everyone as we can and post them here. Should be mucho fun :-P

To wrap up – stats are running again as I type, hopefully it wont bring down the box again. I’ll be monitoring it of course. More news here Sunday night after the S-audiks/3dL match. See ya soon…


Happy Birthday HaDeS!!!

By K2 on June 23rd, 2001 at 9:36 pm EST

Finally got some time today to post this… today is HaDeS 24th birthday, w0oP!! Some of ya have already posted on the msgboard wishing her a happy birthday (she says thank you very much!) but I wanted to say happy b-day to my baby in just a lil bit different way. Happy Birthday babe!!! I took her out for dinner tonight at her favorite restaurant, had a dozen roses delivered to her work yesterday in front of everyone, and also got her a dolphin statue that was made in China… real cool-looking. I think she liked ’em… I haven’t been been executed yet :-P Anyways… tell her happy b-day if you haven’t already :-)

Gaming stuff – week three of the Hardfought CS Tournament started this evening… RA and VV are playing as I type. The remaining three matches will be played out tomorrow evening. Since I’m leaving on business tomorrow afternoon (again) I wont be able to post any news about those matches until Tuesday night at the earliest. I’m sure you’ll see details about ’em on the msgboard here though.

One last thing… Relic’s birthday is tomorrow, so be sure to wish him a happy b-day as well :-) See ya folks…


HF CS Tourney week 2 results, other stuff…

By K2 on June 19th, 2001 at 11:58 am EST

Well what can I say? Week two of the Hardfought CS Invitational Tournament was exciting to say the least. I got to watch some very intense matches. S-audiks, 3dL and FDA advanced this week to the Winner’s Bracket Semi-Finals, while TsK, VV and RA received their first losses, dropping them down to the Loser’s Bracket. Nexus, LCD and WTF? advance up to the Loser’s Bracket Quarter-Finals, staying alive for one more week, while ExE, db and KD were eliminated. Some of the match outcomes were somewhat unexpected… had some surprises here and there :-) We did have a problem with two players during the WTF/db match but I’m pretty sure that’s all been resolved and we shouldn’t run into anymore issues like that for the rest of the tourney. If you want more details on that, visit the msgboard forums. For the teams that are playing for week three, please send me your match schedules no later than Wednesday night. Good game’s to everyone from week two!

OK… I’ve had a lot of requests for this, so I finally broke down and did it. Look over to the left there… yeah, that lil white button that says ‘PayPal’ on it :-P Due to the increasing amount of inquiries about where to send monetary donations to help maintain/improve the Hardfought gaming server and everything associated with it, I’ve created a premier account with PayPal. Anyone can send donations via the web to me to help with server maintenance and upgrade costs… acceptable forms of payment include Visa/Mastercard and eCheck. You need a PayPal account to use this feature, but creating one is easy and it’s free. I’ve already received a donation in the amount of 25 dollars… thank you! As any funds arrive I’ll let everyone know what the current status is as well as where the money is being spent. Right now, there are three things that donations will be used for… helping to cover my monthly server co-location fee, hardware upgrades for the current gaming server, and to help pay for the remaining parts I need for a Neverwinter Nights server. People who have contributed in the past are GoatX12 and Ronin (hardware) and Eat More Lead (cash)… thank you again! :-) No one is required to donate anything of course, but any and all help is welcome, even if it’s just one dollar… every lil bit helps, and it’s greatly appreciated.

A new voting poll has been created… take a look down at the bottom right-hand side of the webpage to see it. There’s a new map pack from the Countermaps gang that some of you have asked me to include… so of course I’ll put it to a vote first, give everyone a chance to get them downloaded. I’ll have the new map pack available in our ‘Files’ section after this post (it’s in two parts). I’ll also have cs_arabstreets available there as well. I know, finally! :-P Also, I just wanna see what you all think of a Neverwinter Nights box being hosted by myself and becoming part of the Hardfought network. I’m gonna start one regardless of the vote – I just wanna get your opinion :-) The results for the last voting poll showed that the majority of you are in favor of both PunkBuster bring run in required mode on the public server as well as CSCop handling some of the intentional team wounding that occurs during the first few seconds of each round. I wont run PunkBuster on the public port until it’s out of beta… it still has some bugs, which I’ve witnessed first-hand during the tournament. A team-wounding script may or may not be possible with CSCop, but I think it’s about time we found out. More on that later.

There was a new point release beta made available to the masses last night for Quake3… includes some new DM maps as well as improved network code, and supposedly new code that will prevent all current cheats for the game as well as make it much harder to create new cheats… we’ll see. I’ll update the Hardfought CTF/DM/TDM Match port as soon as a version of OSP is released to take advantage of the new code. The Classic CTF port… well, I’m not sure about it anymore. I’ve brought that port up and down so many times… :-/ Recent developments on the CCTF msgboard have indicated that yes, a new version is still being worked on, but no, some of us (the new CCTF team) are not willing to keep the CCTF communities’ interest alive by giving everyone updated progress reports on a regular basis. The CCTF community has pretty much fizzled out… the Nexus CCTF team hasn’t played a match or scrim in months. Even the one popular CCTF server hasn’t seen much traffic lately. In light of that, plus HaDeS hooking up with some old time friends to play some RA3, I’m thinking seriously about dropping CCTF once and for all and reviving the Hardfought Rocket Arena 3 port. I’ll probably do that once the RA3 mod authors have had a chance to update their mod to the newest point release. Well hold the phone – I just looked on the Classic CTF website, and it looks like they’re actually taking some action on our suggestions… there’s an update! :-) Also says they will try to release new info about the progress of the mod every week. I’m still skeptical… I sure hope they do what they say they’re gonna do.

Well that’s all I have for ya today, gang. I’m leaving in a few hours on a business trip, so I wont be around for the next few days. I should still be able to check email and the msgboard and stuff at night when I finish up work. Have a good week everyone, see ya online.


Lightning sucks

By K2 on June 15th, 2001 at 1:48 pm EST

As you may or may not have noticed, the website went down at about 9:30pm CST last night… just now got her back up about 10 minutes ago. We had a real nasty thunderstorm pass through last night with a bunch of lightning… we had a bolt strike a main power line literally 300 feet from our apartment! HaDeS actually saw it strike… scared the shit outta both of us, you can imagine how loud it was. Well, power promptly went away for our apartment and it seems a significant chunk of Dallas, Garland and Mesquite as well :-) TXU finally restored power to our apartment complex just a few moments ago… so if you were wondering why the website was down and email, the IRC linkbot, CSCop and the reservation password system were not working… well, now you know :-P My APC Back-UPS 400 probably kept my web-server from frying, but the backup battery only held out for about 4 minutes… bah! I need a bigger one, maybe one of those Smart-UPS 1200 USB jobs… yeah.

Anyways… we’re all good now. Gotta go to work… see ya online.


Hardfought CS Invitational Tourney Week #1 results

By K2 on June 12th, 2001 at 6:10 pm EST

Hello all! Got some tournament news for ya…

As I’m sure most of you are aware of by now, week one’s matches for the Hardfought CS Invitational Tournament have been played and the outcomes recorded on the tourney page, as well as who’s playing who for week number two. Seems we had a couple upsets and a few close matches :-) The teams that advanced to the Winner’s Bracket quarter-finals are 3dL, RA, FDA, TsK, S-audiks and VV (per bye round). HFC won their match and also get a bye round straight to the Winner’s Bracket semi-finals, so they get this week off. Teams that dropped down to the Loser’s Bracket secondary round one are WTF?, Nexus, KD, LCD, db and ExE. The teams in the winners bracket for week two that lose this weekend will help fill out three more secondary round one slots for the Loser’s Bracket. Also, we did run into a couple issues with a couple teams for week one, like admins spectating not being able to see what players are saying unless they die first, and also one person being continuously dropped for cvar violations with PunkBuster. I have resolved the first issue with an AdminMod plugin, and the second will be resolved this way – after this news post I will post a list of client-side CS cvars that players *must* adhere to to keep from being kicked by PunkBuster. Some are a locked value, others allow a range of settings. Before week two starts, make sure *all* players participating have their configs set to conform to the PB cvar list. If you don’t, and you get kicked by PunkBuster because of a cvar violation, you will be removed from the tournament, and you run the risk of having your team removed as well. Sooo… be sure to check the tournament rules section soon after this post. I’ll email all team captains the same list as well, and probably post it on the msgboard for good measure. Good luck to all that play this weekend!

A new version of AdminMod was released a few days ago (2.50d), which I installed on both the public and match CS port yesterday. It fixes a few bugs and memory leaks as well as prevents players from using *any* weird ASCII characters in their name in trying to crash the server. This version did break a couple minor custom plugin scripts, which have since been fixed. I have also received reports that map voting is not working correctly (a map will win a vote, but not change to it afterwards, stuff like that). I’m looking into it, so hang tight.

That’s really all I have for ya today… I’ll be posting some more interesting tidbits later on before this weekend hopefully. Be good, see ya online :-P