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Nexus CS Team, stats back up, more…

By K2 on April 21st, 2001 at 1:03 am EST

Got lot’s of news for ya today folks… :-P

Nexus has finally created a CounterStrike team… after weeks of b0ba buggin’ the hell out of me to help kick one off, we’ve got enough players to make a team. Original Nexus clanmates from our Quake3 team include myself, HaDeS and b0ba… new players are Arctek, PUPPY, Ronin, Texas Assassin, jane and Relic. Next time you see these folks, tell ’em congrats :-) As of now, we’re not taking on anymore players… we wanna take time to get to know each other as a team, learn each others strengths and weaknesses, etc. We may add a couple more people later on down the line… I’ll post news about it here if and when we decide to do so. I’ll have a roster up soon with everyone’s info and in-game screenshots.

Game statistics are back up as of this evening!! Heheh… I got rid of Intelistats and am now using halfStats, which I think I like much better from an admin’s point of view. Clan rankings are gone but in it’s place are – awards and tracking of hostages touched/rescued/killed, bombs planted/defused and VIP escapes, sorting the player rankings by either skill, kills, deaths, efficiency or kills per hour, WON id tracking of players (so if you change your name, it knows you by your WON id, so your stats stay with you regardless… and it also displays those aliases :-) ) and then awards for things like most connects, most likely to get shot… stuff like that. Start clicking around on the available links, there’s a lot of info to see on the stats. Something else that I think you’ll like… instead of seeing just the top 50 players and having to do a search for the rest, the player rankings will now show *everyone* … all the way up to 10,000 separate and distinct players. The only downside to all this, is that halfStats only shows data from April the 14th to present… it wont read the backed-up Intelistats logs unless I rename them by hand… and I’m not gonna do that for 4000+ files. When the end of the month rolls around, I’ll do my best to combine the last Intelistats ranking with the halfStats ranking for the Hardfought CS Hall of Fame awards for April… we’ll see how that goes. One final note… public stats are still updated once an hour, and I’ll have the match port stats up soon.

Our server reservation system now has a much-desired feature added to it, thanks to PUPPY… :-) From now on, whenever you make a reservation on the Hardfought CounterStrike Match port, when you create the password of your choosing to save the reservation, that password will also *become* the join password of the match port for the duration of your time reserved. Example – you make a reservation of the CS match port for May 1st, from 9pm to 11pm CST, and you set the password as ‘test’… at exactly 9pm CST, the reservation software will change the join password of the server to what you made it to be (test)… and at 11pm CST the password will revert back to the default password, which most of you know to be the word ‘matchm0de’. Here’s the catch… later this evening, I’m changing the default password on the CS match port, and I’m not telling anyone what it is. This means, if you wanna play on the CS Match port, you *have* to make a reservation in advance to play there. If you need extra time on the port before a match to warm up, be sure to include that time in the reservation. Right now this system works only on the CS Match port, but by next week this will also hold true for the Hardfought Quake3 CTF/DM/TDM Match port as well. If you make a reservation, but forget your password, get in touch with me, I can get it for you… but please take 10 seconds to write it down somewhere first, tho :-P

To wrap up… the Nexus Quake3 team plays delusional Reality tomorrow night to defend our #1 spot on the OGL CCTF ladder, sp expect another news post this weekend about that. Have a good weekend folks, see ya online.